Keeping Up Traditions

Dec 28, 2020

Keeping Up Traditions
Years ago, my good friends, Jill and Emily, invited me and some friends to Jill's house to build gingerbread houses. When we arrived, the place smelled incredible— as they had baked and constructed little gingerbread houses for each of us. The table looked like a carnival with every kind of candy imaginable which they had collected from all over the world.
It’s become a tradition that each of us looks forward to each year. This year, we didn’t let our need to keep physical distance get in the way of our annual celebration. Can you believe Jill and Emily carefully wrapped already-built gingerbread houses and sent them along to each of us with a myriad of candies?
When Jill delivered mine to my door, I couldn’t wait to get to work! Decorating that little house brings out the artist in me. As Pablo Picasso allegedly said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. My gingerbread house is more like a brightly colored Kandinsky than a Picasso, but I must say that my soul sure feels lifted.
Hope that you are enjoying some wonderful traditions this holiday season and here are some recipes that you may want to add to the mix: