Conversation with Alice Waters

Aug 30, 2021

Conversation with Alice Waters

“I just got a job cooking at Chez Panisse!” were the words I screeched in October, 1985. This was a dream job and one of the pivotal moments in my career as a cook and chef. I loved cooking there for 5 years but I also loved the other cooks I worked with, talented people like David Tanis, David Lebovitz, Lindsey Shere, Mary Jo Thoresen, Peggy Smith, Paul Bertolli, and of course, Alice Waters.

To this day I remain friends with so many of the cooks and chefs that I worked with at Chez Panisse, but especially Alice who I love dearly and respect wholeheartedly. A couple months ago, I was lucky enough to catch her for a few moments as we sat down in her backyard garden and talked. At the beginning of this short video, you’ll get the impression that Alice is quiet and meek, but then when she starts talking about her vision for the future of food and especially edible education, she turns into a powerhouse and a person to be reckoned with. When I’m with Alice, I’m always inspired and this day was by far no exception.

Please take a few minutes to watch…

Joanne Weir UMASS_compressed from Joanne Weir on Vimeo.